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Nothing shy about these rebates. In fact, our local water shortage is so extreme, that Cal-Am and the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water District have teamed and now offer significant rebates, to promote the installation of graywater and rainwater systems. Rainwater Harvesting Rebates They are willing to pay $50 for every 100 gallons of storage for the first 500 gallons and $25 per 100 gallons for all the following storage up to 50,000 gallons. This comes to $775 for 2500 gallon tank. I stress to 2500 gallon tank because it's an excellent size for residential use, and seems to be offered for a much lower price than tanks, that are just a little bit bigger. These systems are very sustainable; use little energy, last for decades, and need little, or no maintenance, and with the price of water skyrocketing, they’re a sound economic investment as well. There is also a $100 rebate for Graywater Irrigation System supplied by one Clothes Washer for irrigation. This type of system does not require a permit, are inexpensive to install, and are very versatile. There is a $100 rebate for a Graywater Irrigation System supplied by one or more bathrooms that have a bathtub/shower connected to a graywater irrigation system (per bathroom, limit 4) So homeowners connecting two showers to a graywater irrigation system would receive a $200 rebate. This is designed to help the permitting cost, which is $100 for a graywater permit in the City of Monterey, and $200 in the Unincorporated areas (Carmel Valley Village, San Benancio, etc.) Conditions of Approval (All Rebates) Applications for all Rebates, with the exception of Lawn Removal Rebates (see below), shall be submitted within 120 days of purchase of Qualifying Devices. The applicant shall install the fixture and/or appliance at the property listed on the application form. The applicant shall certify under the penalty of perjury that the information on the application is true and complete. Cistern Rebates Rebates for Cisterns shall be limited to 25,000 gallons of storage capacity on a Qualifying Property. All Cistern Rebate Sites shall have sufficient roof area to fill the capacity of the Cistern(s) after the first flush during a “normal” Water Year and shall require verification of usable roof area by Site inspection. Graywater Rebates Graywater Irrigation System Rebates shall be granted when the following conditions have been met: Applicant shall comply with the Monterey County Department of Health’s Graywater Irrigation Systems Permitting Process and Design Criteria. Any necessary building/plumbing permits have been completed and copies provided with the Rebate application. MPWMD staff may verify Graywater Irrigation Systems by Site inspection or other means.


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